Wednesday, April 29, 2009

6 Months and not a Word

Wow, 6 months and I have not posted anything. I feel like a bum, I mean I started this blog to get the thoughts in my head down on "paper" and yet, I do not make time in my day or week, or even month for this. Bad Bad Tazorian.

So what is new. Well, on the home front, my boy JACK, is just surprising me more every day. He started talking a couple of months back and has his favourite words, being Izzy (the cat), Kaya (the dog), light ( as he points to every bulb in the house), Dad (of course), Mum (in an proper English accent) and keys. He always wants to take the keys to open the door, start the car, or even just if he hears a tinkle in your pocket, the hand goes out, and he says "keys". It is truly amazing to see how qcuikly he is learning to speak.

I am currently in Ghana, and the first day I phoned home, Charlotte put her mobile on speaker and I asked Jack how we was? The most I could get out of him was DAD, and lalalalalala, but then right at the end, I am sure he said, "I miss you" and stunned, I asked him if he said I miss you, and his reply was a firm "Ja". This almost had me in tears. My boy is remarkable, and I love him even more every day.

So now for more exiting news, our Family, is going to be graced with another addition. YES, I am becoming a DAD once more, and Jack is getting a BROTHER. Yip, Matthew is on the way and should join us around the end of June. Now you might think that, wow, only 18 months apart, but we actually planned it this way, so that Jack and Matthew can grow up closer as brother and also be best friends, (the way brothers should), and this is made easier, I believe, if the age difference is a lot smaller. It is going to be an absolute wonder to watch the 2 of them grow together, and it is an experience I would not trade for anything in the world, not even being James Bond :)

I am going to post some more pictures of my boy, which I am sure you will all enjoy.

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